Distinction in Black Studies Program


The Distinction in Black Studies (DBST) program examines the complexities of the Black experience from different perspectives. The distinction aims to introduce students to the political, social, economic, and historical dimensions animating the lives of Black people in Africa and the African diaspora. In the effort to examine multiple aspects of the Black experience, this program is interdisciplinary, meaning that students will engage content, think, integrate methodological practices, and produce work at the intersections of disciplines to arrive at a fuller understanding of the condition of Black people occupying various regions of the globe. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of this field of study, this program complements and enriches any central area of study and prepares students for life in an increasingly multi-ethnic and global society.

Upon completion of the Distinction in Black Studies, students will be able to

  • apply knowledge and skills to address problems faced by people of African descent
  • examine current and historical events, phenomena, circumstances, and discourses having to do with Black people using different critical and theoretical frameworks (political, social, historical, economic, religious, and psychological)
  • explore constructions of blackness and their implications
  • integrate different methodological practices to arrive at a fuller understanding of the condition of Black people in the United States and other areas of the world

    Earning a Distinction

    The following courses are required (4½ units):

    • BST 201
    • BST 470
    • Three units from the following:
      • EH 232 or HI 232
      • GRS 260 or PS 260
      • HI 221
      • HI 247 or PS 247
      • MFS 260
      • MU 128
      • PS 202
      • PY 245
      • SO 235

    Special topics courses offered in other disciplines relating to Black studies are subject to approval by the Black studies program coordinator.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Marlon A. Smith, Visiting Assistant Professor of Black Studies, Program Coordinator for the Black Studies Distinction 
Office: Harbert 317
Email: [email protected]