Department of Chemistry and Physics

Department of Chemistry and Physics

Department of Chemistry and Physics


An understanding of chemistry and physics is vital in our modern, technological society and an important part of a liberal arts education. The Department of Chemistry and Physics promotes scientific literacy for all of our students through the development of critical thinking skills, verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to engage in reasoned debate on scientific and technological issues that may impact our society. Our courses promote collaborative and investigative learning in both the classroom and the laboratory.

Chemistry and physics majors have the opportunity to apply these skills at higher levels through their undergraduate research experience. All of our majors engage in at least one term of undergraduate research. Students will work collaboratively with one of our faculty members to perform original research in areas ranging from the magnetospheres of Jupiter and Saturn to the development of anti-cancer drugs and blood substitutes. Seniors present their research findings at the 博彩公司 Science and Mathematics Senior Conference in the spring, as well as at regional and national conferences of scientific societies. Graduates from our department go on to medical school, law school, graduate school in chemistry, biochemistry, or physics, or move directly to employment in a variety of scientific fields

For more information, including a course listing, please visit the Disciplinary Major/Minor section of the most recent issue of the Birmingham-Southern College Catalog.

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