Students choose to study the religious dimensions of culture for many different reasons.

You might be motivated by concerns about social justice, an interest in religious experience, a desire to study the history of religious traditions, curiosity about unfamiliar cultures, or simply by the sense that one cannot understand the world without understanding religion.

在二元同步通信, you'll study how different cultures have put together the religious worlds in which people live. You'll have the opportunity to learn more about local and global religious traditions, the spiritual dimensions of human experience, and the place of religion in culture and society.

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Chart your course with Religion at 博彩公司!


  • Religious studies at 博彩公司 are inherently interdisciplinary and intercultural. You’ll be able to study ecological spirituality, the cultural context of the Hebrew Bible, 佛教冥想, and the intersection of religion and film—plus much, 更.
  • We also ground students in the basics. Read sacred texts in their original Hebrew or Sanskrit, if you choose.
  • Our unique January 探索术语 offers the opportunity to travel the world, join one of many service projects abroad or here in Birmingham, or spend time pursuing your own projects.
  • You can put what you learn into practice through internships and volunteer positions. Recent religion students have worked with the anti-poverty group Alabama Arise, the Glide Foundation in San Francisco, and the World Council of Churches in Switzerland. The 博彩公司’S Bunting Center for 参与d Study and Community Action and the Office of 宗教生活 both coordinate service-learning and internship opportunities.


    The purpose of the study of religion is to introduce the student to the religious heritage of humankind and to challenge the student to think critically and constructively in dialogue with this heritage. An academic understanding of religion is an essential ingredient of a liberal arts education, and thus the faculty of religion teaches a variety of courses in Biblical studies, 宗教思想与实践, and history of religions to aid students in interpreting the religious dimension of life.

    Upon completion of the religion major, students will be able to:

    • demonstrate a significant familiarity with at least one religious tradition, recognize its diverse manifestations in particular cultural contexts, and engage in informed discussion of its history and practices,

    • interpret “textual religion” and apply the methodologies ( linguistic, 文学, 社会学, 历史, 修辞, or ideological) that relate to the critical interpretation of sacred texts and religious writings,

    • integrate the study of religion into other disciplinary studies,

    • conduct original scholarly research in the academic study of religion,

    • present scholarly research to a public audience.



    博彩公司 religion majors go on to successful careers in a wide variety of vocations. Many go on to attend some of the nation’s most prestigious seminary schools or graduate programs in theology. Others have built successful careers in public health, 社会工作, 医学, 业务, 以及非营利组织. 博彩公司 gives you the tools you’ll need no matter what profession you choose.

    Recent graduates have gone on to:

    Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley 
    University of Alabama at Birmingham 
    University of Colorado at Colorado Springs 
    Reconciliation Internship, Coventry Cathedral, Coventry, UK 
    Teach for America, San Francisco

    玛丽·佩奇·威尔逊,08年“As a student who spent most of her time in the science lab, I found studying religion at 博彩公司 was the most formative part of my time in college. Religion pervades our world’s cultures, history, politics and conflicts. To begin to understand our complex world community, one must look deeply at its religious traditions and philosophies. I would not have experienced the depth and meaning in my other classes at ’南部 if I hadn’t also been majoring in religion.” 
    Masters in Divinity at Chandler School of Theology, 埃默里大学



    M. 基尔萨顿
    M. 基尔萨顿

    Associate Professor of Religion
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    My general areas of interest include South Asian religious traditions, religious boundaries and interactions, South Asian Islamic and Islamicate traditions, 跨信仰研究, 以及马拉雅拉姆文学. My current area of research is the Muslim song literature of Kerala, India known as Mappila pattu. I am particularly interested in the ways in which this literature illustrates the development and shifting of religious boundaries over time, and how political and social pressures influence such shifts.

    Courses taught include Religions of Asia, 宗教冲突与和平, 圣徒与力量, Sacred India: 传统s of Hinduism, Islamic 传统s and Cultures, 伊斯兰教与嘻哈(e学期), 和佛教.