在二元同步通信, our theatre professors know that production skills are best learned through active participation in the classroom 和 on the stage. We place equal importance on learning 和 doing, our students are well prepared for graduate work 和 for careers in professional 和 educational theatre – or for whatever path they choose. 以及 nationally-recognized performers, we regularly have theatre majors go on to become doctors, 律师, 艺术管理员, 教育工作者, 和更多的.

Here’s what makes theatre special at 博彩公司:

  • Our department is a small community of students 和 professors in love with what they are doing. They’ll help you find your passion, 发现你喜欢做什么, develop your skills to their greatest potential.
  • We complete four major productions each year 和 six to ten student-led productions. That means you’ll get plenty of opportunities to learn the entire process h和s-on, 包括代理, 布景及灯光设计, 服装, 编排, 公司管理层, 和剧本创作.
  • 剧院 students are active in productions throughout their four years at 博彩公司; freshmen are encouraged to get involved as soon as they arrive on campus.
  • Our unique January E-Term gives you four weeks to work on a theatre project, 参加试听班, 写剧本, or explore something else that interests you.
  • We offer a BA in theatre arts 和 a BA in musical theatre. Classes are provided for students interested in a career in the performing arts 和 for those approaching theatre with a more general interest.


    From a Rockette to the Wendy’s girl,

    Our graduates have gone on to perform in national tours of Show Boat, Cinderella, Kiss Me Kate, Damn Yankees, Big,拉格泰姆; in 百老汇的 Tommy, Sunset Boulevard, The Life, Chicago, 《博彩公司》 在国际巡演中 42街音乐之声. Recent students have even gone on to be the Wendy’s spokeswoman 和 a Rockette!

    以及 freelance performance careers, we have many graduates head straight to graduate school or l和 internships 和 apprenticeships, or who go on to teach theatre arts to the next generation. Other 博彩公司 theatre majors go on to careers outside of theatre, but keep that passion close to their hearts, either by supporting theatre or participating in community productions.

    Here are just a few of the places our students have ended up.

    graduate school / internships, apprenticeships

    • 路易斯维尔演员剧院
    • 巷剧院
    • 天主教大学
    • University of Alabama/Alabama Shakespeare Festival
    • 佛罗里达大学
    • 德保罗大学
    • 堪萨斯大学
    • California State University, San Diego
    • Peabody Conservatory of Music, Johns Hopkins University
    • 俄克拉荷马州立大学
    • 西北大学
    • 韦恩州立大学
    • 耶鲁大学戏剧学院
    • 联盟剧院
    • 纽约大学
    • Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts/LondonCompany, Gia Nappo, David Strickl和
    • 波士顿音乐学院
    • 德尔玛化妆学院,伦敦
    • 波士顿大学
    • 阿肯色话剧团
    • Actors Studio Drama School, New York


    • 全国旅游 Show Boat, Cinderella, Kiss Me Kate, From the Mississippi Delta, Damn Yankees, Big, 拉格泰姆
    • 百老汇的 Tommy, Sunset Boulevard, The Life, Minelli on Minnelli, Chicago, A Stoop on Orchard Street
    • 国际旅游 42街 音乐之声
    • 伯明翰儿童剧院
    • 推诿剧院
    • 华盛顿莎士比亚剧院
    • 曼哈顿轻歌剧
    • 以物易物的剧院
    • 爱卖弄的雄伟的
    • 加尔维斯顿户外音乐剧
    • 威廉斯敦戏剧节
    • 对着这些山
    • 舞台上的门
    • 海滨音乐剧院
    • 西弗吉尼亚剧院
    • 旋转木马剧场
    • 失落的殖民地
    • 阿肯色话剧团
    • 演员剧场,珊瑚山墙
    • 亚特兰大联盟剧院
    • Zoetic Stage,迈阿密
    • 慢燃剧院公司
    • Gablestage
    • Broward Center for the Performing Arts


    • John Carroll High School, Birmingham
    • Shades Valley High School, Birmingham
    • 儿童舞蹈基金会
    • 纽约市的学校系统
    • 阿尔塔蒙特学校,伯明翰
    • 印第安纳州立大学
    • 辛辛那提大学
    • 胡佛高中,伯明翰
    • 中北书院
    • 田纳西大学
    • 胡佛公共图书馆
    • 美国传统学校
    • 新世界艺术学院
    • 迈阿密儿童剧院


    A number of former students currently working as free-lance actors in Los Angeles 和 New York.


    Graduates who have used their theatre training to pursue careers in law, 医学, 公共关系, 咨询, 管理, 和工程.

    "I cannot speak highly enough of my time at 博彩公司. My education informed my passion for acting with excellent classes 和 performance opportunities. I also discovered the world of writing 和 music direction. Now, I’m in New York, making a living as an actor, writer, music director! What was once a high-school dream is now an exhilarating reality. I am sure that whatever success I achieve is due to the preparation 和 training I received at Birmingham-南部 College.”

    马丁·兰德里' 07 /剧院
    Actor / Music Director / Writer living in New York.


    教师 & 工作人员


    The theatre faculty is committed to the concept of the artist/teacher, as evidenced by their continued work as actors, 剧作家, 和设计师, as well as their commitment to directing 和 conservatory-style teaching in the liberal arts context. 他们仍然活跃在当地, 状态, regional theatre organizations as a way of furthering their professional contacts, thus providing their students more career opportunities, 剧院内外都有.

    The theatre staff has a long history of service 和 dedication to Birmingham-南部 College. Whether it be in the theatre office, 票房, 或者服装商店, our staff's dedication to top-quality theatre production 和 professional customer service is a highlight of the 剧院部门.


    艾伦Litsey, 戏剧艺术教授
    Ph.D. 韦恩州立大学
    (205) 226-4788

    詹妮弗运气, 访问ing Assistant Professor of 剧院 | Technical Production Coordinator
    M.F.A., Scenography, 堪萨斯大学 2005 
    B.A., 剧院就读于伯明翰南方学院 2002

    马修Mielke,  戏剧艺术教授
    Set 和 Lighting Design / Technical Director  
    B.A.Gustavus Adolphus学院  
    (205) 226-4785

    丽贝卡·耶格尔, 访问ing Assistant Lecturer of 剧院
    M.F.A., Performance, University of 南部 Mississippi, 2013
    B.A., 音乐剧, Cum Laude就读于伯明翰南方学院, 2006


    吉布斯列表, 舞蹈兼职教授
    M.A., Arts Administration, Columbia University, 2008
    B.A., The Juilliard School 和 Virginia School of Arts, 2001



    帕蒂·J. 曼宁
    (205) 226-4787

    Ms. 朱迪E. P和elis
    博彩公司艺术联盟 Coordinator/Manager of the College 剧院 Box Office/ Administrative Assistant for the Departments of Art & 艺术史、媒体 & 电影研究,音乐, & 戏剧和舞蹈节目
    (205) 226-4782

    (205) 226-4787