Training & Development

Training & Development

The Human Resources Office strives to offer quality training and development opportunities to all staff employees. Training and development opportunities which are ongoing include staff computer training and the new hire orientation program. In addition, the Human Resources Office organizes training in other areas as needs arise. Finally, the annual staff performance evaluation process is an important component of a staff employee's professional development. If you have suggestions for future campus wide staff development programs, or if your department has a specific training need, please contact the Human Resources Office.

Staff Computer Training

Off campus computer training is available through New Horizons Computer Learning Center. A sampling of the courses offered include basic, intermediate, and advanced MS Word, Excel, Access, Windows 7, PowerPoint, and Adobe programs. Most classes are one day in length, and are offered multiple days throughout the month. Contact Human Resources for more information on registering for one of these courses. The college's helpdesk  is also available to answer the network and software questions of our campus community. The helpdesk is available at extension 3033 or through the IT Helpdesk.

New Hire Orientation

The Human Resources Office strives to facilitate a smooth adjustment process for the college's new staff members. A benefits orientation is conducted immediately following an employee's hire. Then, usually within one to three months of an employee's hire, an in-depth orientation is held. Administrators, long-time staff members, and new hires share lunch together. In addition, new employees have the opportunity to hear brief presentations from various campus areas including: Admission, Development, Student Retention, Controller's Office, and Purchasing. New staff members are also treated to a presentation on the history of the college and have the opportunity to tour some of the campus attractions.

Staff Performance Evaluations

The staff performance evaluation process plays a vital role in the professional development of college employees. 

The college requires a performance evaluation near the end of the probationary period and annually thereafter for each regularly employed staff member.

The purposes of the performance evaluation are:

  1. To increase the effectiveness of each staff member and department thereby increasing the effectiveness of the college.
  2. To increase the staff member's awareness of professional strengths and weaknesses.
  3. To establish a basis for counseling and making personnel decisions.
  4. To identify opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  5. To serve as a partial basis for such personnel actions as retention, promotion, salary adjustment, demotion, and termination.