博彩公司 Campus Police

博彩公司 Campus Police



Telephone Number: 205-226-4700


The mission of the Campus Police, employed by Birmingham-Southern College, is to ensure a safe environment and provide service to the campus community. The Campus Police Department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide immediate response to anyone requesting assistance. 

Ways Campus Police can help: 

  • Car trouble, on or off campus
  • Retrieval of keys locked inside vehicle
  • Direction assistance
  • Escorts to any on-campus location

    Safety Tips


    Severe Weather Procedures

    As we enter the severe weather season for Alabama, the Campus Police would like to remind everyone of a few basic safety procedures.

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    Emergency Procedures:

    In light of the uncertainty that we are facing in our world today, we want to assure you that the Administration, and the Campus Police at Birmingham-Southern College are prepared to deal with emergency situations whether they be natural or man made. The College's Emergency Response Team meets on a regular basis and has developed specific procedures for addressing the threats we face in today's environment. The Offices of Student Development, Business and Finance, Operations, Telecommunications, Campus Police, and Communications are examples of those comprising this organization. The ERT remains in close contact with the President's Office, and emergency procedures are reviewed and revised as needed.

    In addition to on campus planning, the Campus Police and the ERT also rely on the expertise the local Emergency Management Agency, the Birmingham Office of the FBI and local law enforcement agencies as specific plans are developed for the College. These relationships provide us with the latest and most accurate information available as we plan emergency procedures.

    While on our Home Page, we invite you to visit the link titled “Emergency Response Information” for a more in depth view of emergency procedures at 博彩公司. We would further recommend that you visit the Web sites of the American Red Cross and the Federal Government related to this issue. They are and www.ready.govrespectively.

    Any incident involving criminal activity, violations of College policies, or security concerns should be reported to the Campus Police immediately.

    The ultimate responsibility for personal safety rests with each individual. Always be aware of your surroundings and potential risk, know evacuation procedures and report any security concerns to Campus Police.



    Reporting of Incidents

    If you become involved in an incident or need to report criminal activity, there are a number of ways to report incidents or acquire assistance. You can contact Campus Police by telephone at   226-4700   or in person at the Police Office located at the Bruno Entrance.

    When an incident is reported to Police, an incident report will be completed and the matter will be investigated if necessary. Copies of the incident report are distributed to the Vice President for Business and Finance and the Vice President for Student Development. These offices, in conjunction with Campus Police, will determine the final disposition of the matter reported and will recommend the appropriate action to be taken.

    Students are educated in a number of ways as to the reporting of incidents and seeking assistance offered by Police. During Orientation, students receive information concerning Police. The Residence Life staff and the Office of Student Development inform students of proper procedures for reporting incidents and how to request assistance. The Birmingham-Southern College Student Handbook also includes a section concerning Police

    Emergency assistance is offered for medical emergencies, fires, and criminal incidents. Campus Police is always close by for any emergency situation.


    Crime Prevention and Awareness

    Education of the campus community concerning personal safety and crime awareness is an ongoing process.

    The Office of Student Development, the Student Government Association, the Residence Life staff, and Campus Police all play vital roles in providing programs and information designed specifically to prevent students, as well as faculty and staff members, from becoming victims of crime.

    Safety Tips

    In Residence Halls:

    • Always lock your dorm room, even if you are only gone a brief time.
    • Do not prop external doors open; the locks are for your safety.
    • Engrave valuables; Campus Police has an engraver.
    • Report suspicious people or incidents to Campus Police immediately

    In Your Car:

    • Always lock your car doors when driving or when you park your car.
    • Lock your valuables in the trunk when possible.
    • Pay attention to pedestrians while in traffic.
    • In case of trouble, if someone stops to help, ask for assistance but do not get out of the vehicle; keep the doors locked and the windows up.

    When You Are On Foot:

    • Walk in groups of two or more.
    • Walk in well lighted, populated areas.
    • Call Police on a Blue Light Phone if you are suspicious of someone or require assistance.
    • Let your roommate or friend know where you are going and en you expect to return.


    Bruno Entrance:

    Access to the campus is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students, faculty, and staff are issued decals to be affixed to the windshield of their vehicles. Guests of the College are required to sign in with Campus Police before entering the campus.

    The College maintains a fence around the campus to define the College property and limit access. Bruno Entrance is the only means by which to enter and exit campus.

    Building Safety:

    At the end of each business day, officers secure all academic and administrative buildings. The buildings are patrolled on a regular basis until they are reopened the following morning. Persons with a valid reason for entering an academic building after it has been secured can request assistance from Police.

    All dormitories at Birmingham-Southern College are locked on a 24 hour a day basis and are equipped with combination locks. The combinations are given to residents only by the Office of Residence Life. Combinations are changed on a monthly basis or as the need arises. Officers patrol the dormitory area 24 hours a day.

    Combination locks on each dorm are provided to allow 24 hour security of your living facilities.

    On a continuing basis, fire extinguishers, lighting, door locks, and other safety features are monitored in both the academic buildings and the residence halls. When a problem is discovered, it is reported immediately to the Maintenance Department.

    24 hour security is provided 365 days a year. Campus Police officers patrol campus on foot, on bicycles, and in vehicles. Campus lighting is designed to provide 24 hour lighting to all main areas of campus. Inspections of the fire systems in all living facilities are conducted on a weekly basis.


    Campus Police Mission Statement

    The Birmingham-Southern College Campus Police Department is dedicated to the goal of maintaining a safe environment while providing the highest level of service to the College community.