Technology Tips

Technology Tips


    Username and Password Help

    Your 博彩公司 username (first initial + middle initial + up to the first six letters of last name) and password are used in multiple platforms. It is very important you memorize your password because you will have to type it in to multiple platforms. Don’t rely on your personal computer to “save” your password because you will eventually type it in to a 博彩公司 computer or another device.

    You will use your username and password for the following:
    • 博彩公司 email
    • Ginkgo Go – register your vehicle
    • Self Service – check grades and pay bills
    • Moodle – course management system for classwork  
    • Engage – events happening on campus and student organization info
    • Logging into a 博彩公司 campus computer

    You will access all of the platforms listed above through the “my博彩公司” section at the top of every page of the 博彩公司 website.

    Username and Temporary Password
    By now, you should have received your username and temporary password from Admissions. A typical username is your first initial + middle initial + up to the first six letters of your last name, and your email address will be your username + Your temporary password is initially set as the initial of your first name + last four digits of your 博彩公司 ID + the initial of your last name + an exclamation point.(Your student ID was sent to you by mail from the Admissions Office).  

    Email address example:
    Name: Rowdy T. Panther
    Username: rtpanthe
    Email: [email protected]
    Password: r1234p!

    NOTE: if you do not have your 博彩公司 ID please contact your Admissions Counselor.


    To change your password do the following:
    • Do not use Safari or Microsoft edge.
    • If you have forgotten your password and need to reset it - go to the Email login page (博彩公司 website under my博彩公司) and select “Can’t access your account?”.
    • If you need to change your password - log into your email account (from the drop down menu under “my博彩公司” at the top of the 博彩公司 website) and then click on your name in the upper right corner and choose “My Account”. Then select “Security and Privacy”
    • Here is a direct link to the new password change.


    Password Requirements are as follows:

    • 7 to 20 characters long
    • Alpha numeric (letters and numbers)
    • At least one capital Letter
    • Must be at least 2 characters different from previous passwords. (April10 and April11 is not ok, April10 and April22 is ok)
    • Cannot contain any part of your name, Social security number, student ID number, or email address.  

    The systems are linked so your password for Email, Self Service, Moodle, Ginkgo Go, Engage, and logging into 博彩公司 PC will be the same.

    There is a time delay between system for updating passwords: email = 15 min
    Moodle = 20 min
    Self Service = 20 min
    Ginkgo Go = 20 min
    Engage = 20 min



    Instructions for 博彩公司 Email Access and Use

    As a new 博彩公司 student, you already have an email account set-up and ready for you to use. You can access your new email account by going to  and logging in. You should begin the habit of checking your 博彩公司 email at least once daily, as this is the official means the College will use to communicate much information to you. Orientation and other new student information will be sent to you via this email address soon.

    You may remember that your log-in information was provided to you by Admissions soon after you submitted your confirmation of attendance. If you have not yet logged in and have forgotten or misplaced that information, you will need to contact Mrs. Marilyn Gillespie in Admission at 205.226.4680 or [email protected] to retrieve your initial information.

    For online safety and security, please adhere to the following when using your official 博彩公司 email account.

    • The 博彩公司 Information Technology Department will never ask for your password via email or any other means. DO NOT RESPOND to spam or phishing emails asking you for your account credentials!
    • DO NOT use your 博彩公司 email to register with a website or online service. This can increase the amount of spam you receive. Utilize a free email account from Gmail or Hotmail.
    • Always DELETE unsolicited emails or those from unknown senders. If you are unsure, contact the Help Desk for assistance.
    • Please do not share your account credentials with anyone and notify the 博彩公司 Help Desk immediately if you believe your account has become compromised.

    Self-Service access

    What is Self-Service? 
    Self-Service is the student information system that allows you to register for classes, view your grades and transcript, view your bill and see financial information to name a few.  This system is your easy access to the College regardless of where you are.

    How can I access my Self-Service account? 
    You may access Self-Service by going to My博彩公司 in the header of most any page for and choosing Self-Service. You will use your 博彩公司 user name and password that is the same for your 博彩公司 email.

    NOTE: If you have tried too many times to log into Self-Service with an incorrect username or password, the system will lock your account for 10 minutes, as a security measure. If you try again during that 10-minute interval, the clock will be reset. You must wait the full 10 minutes for the security feature to unlock the account.


    Guide to Personal Computing on the Hilltop


    Apple, Dell, and Varsity Buys offer special student discounts and promotions for students.

    While any PC manufacturer is acceptable, we suggest that students purchase name brands since they tend to be more reliable.  For those considering laptops, Apple and Dell have local authorized service representatives.

    Each residential student has 50 Mbps wireless connectivity for up to 10 devices.  This allows for a seamless transition from living spaces to classrooms and open areas.

    Apogee Networks provides a 24x7 Helpdesk service to assist with problems at 1-877-478-8861. 

    To connect to campus Wi-Fi, navigate to the Apogee Residential Network website and follow the instructions.

    Additional Guides:

    Installing Office 365

    Printing on Campus



    Instructions for 博彩公司 wireless network Access and Use

    博彩公司 students enjoy free Wi-Fi on campus at guaranteed speeds of 100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload simultaneously for up to 20 devices.

    24/7/365 live support and set-up information is available by calling 1-877-478-8861, texting 202-980-7135 or by emailing [email protected] or chatting at