Student of Concern

Student of Concern



Purpose: The Care, Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (CARE) Team serves the Birmingham-Southern College community by evaluating and responding to disruptive, concerning, or threatening behaviors brought to the attention of the Team.  As a part of this work, the Team also seeks to help students of the College community who are in need of support, guidance, or other intervention and to refer them to appropriate campus and community resources.  

Reasons to submit a CARE Team Referral could include the following: Mental health issues, physical health issues, health in the family, injury/illness, misuse of alcohol/drugs, suicidal ideation, unusual behavior, anger issues, display or use of weapon. 

How to make a CARE Team Referral: For non-emergent situations, click the link here to submit a CARE Team Referral. For each new referral please go back to the original link.  Within the form, a location is asked of you as the reporter. If you do not have a specific location for this report, please select “off- campus.” 


Academic or Retention Team Referral: 

Purpose:  The Academic Support and Retention Team helps to serve the Birmingham-Southern College community by providing an array of assistance for students who have a difficult time adjusting or balancing their collegiate academics, need academic support resources, or would benefit from talking about resources related to their academic development and success.  

Reasons to submit an Academic or Retention Team Referral could include the following: Potentially failing a course, not attended class, excessive absences, intends to depart/withdraw from the College, needs tutoring help with writing, or math, not doing well overall academically, needs help with success skills (time management, study skills, note taking).

How to make an Academic or Retention Team Referral: For non-emergent situations, click this link to go to Gingko Go to submit an Academic or Retention Referral. Details and directions on how to submit an academic referral can be found here. 

For any questions regarding academic or retention concerns, please contact any of the following individuals:
Kim Lewis ([email protected])
Martha Ann Stevenson ([email protected])
Shannon Steele ([email protected])
Dan Roberts ([email protected])