Office of Sponsored Programs


The Office of Sponsored Programs serves 博彩公司 faculty, staff, and partner organizations to seek, secure, and steward additional financial resources to support 博彩公司’s mission and strategic plan.

Given the record of achievement of our accomplished students, dedicated, expert faculty, and staff, support for sponsored programs and strategic partnerships will prove to be a valuable investment to our current and potential partners and community.

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) works primarily with the PI and Administration to help with content programming, reviewing proposals to sponsors from a fiscal and contractual perspective, and acting as a liaison to government agencies to maintain government/sponsor relations.

The OSP supports the College in fulfilling its research, instructional, and service missions. They facilitate the cooperative network of the College faculty, administrators, and departments by providing a spectrum of support services. These services include assistance in obtaining external funding through preparation of proposals, review of proposals, negotiation of agreements, and administration of awards.

The OSP is 博彩公司’s Authorized Organizational Representative to submit proposals to external entities for financial support in the form of a contract, grant, or agreement, as they have a primary responsibility to ensure that grant and contract agreements protect the College’s interest and integrity.