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Last year, several friends asked me if I’d watched the original Netflix series Ozark. I hadn’t, which seems weird to me now, since it stars two actors I really like: Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. I’m glad I recently made the effort to cram in all 10 episodes of the 2017 first season, just in time to check out season two, which drops (with 10 new episodes) today. 

In a way, Bateman’s role is a dark variant of his work on Arrested Development (which, also thanks to Netflix, got a second, post-Fox life of its own). On Development, Bateman plays the sole responsible member of the cockeyed Bluth family, which he’s working overtime to save from financial and social ruin. In Ozark, he’s Marty Byrde, who’s likewise trying to protect his family—not from creditors, but from an interlocked series of ruthless criminals who’d gladly kill the Byrdes if he takes a single wrong step. 

Unhappily married when we meet them (she’s having an affair), Marty and his wife Wendy (Linney) have been living in Chicago with a big secret for several years. A financial advisor, Marty and his partner Bruce run an off-the-record business to launder the money of Mexico’s second-largest drug cartel, operated by Camino Del Rio, aka Del (a suave, sinister Esai Morales). 

Though Ozark is set in Missouri, most of the series is shot at Lake Allatoona.

当德尔得知布鲁斯已经掠夺并赚取数百万美元时,他对芝加哥进行了一次意想不到的血腥访问。马蒂向德尔建议他,马蒂(Marty)搬家,包括一个十几岁的女儿和一个小儿子,从而勉强设法摆脱了子弹。—前往密苏里州的奥扎克斯湖,偿还德尔(Del)的800万美元布鲁斯(Bruce)偷走的水,并沿航道的宽阔海岸线洗涤数亿美元的卡特尔(Cartel)。 (尽管湖上的空中远景是真正的麦考伊,但大部分镜头是在亚特兰大西北的阿拉托纳湖拍摄的。) 

Moving to a shoreline home with his alternately bewildered and furious family, Marty tries to get on stable (if fraudulent) financial footing by investing in a local restaurant-resort and trying to get his foot in the door of that classic hub of bad-business shenanigans, a local strip club. 

Except that the stakes are life-or-death, Ozark at times can play like a very black comedy, as one obstacle after another makes it ever harder for Marty to keep Del satisfied and his family still breathing. Those obstacles are of the two-legged kind. 

其中之一是露丝(Julia Garner),他是一个充满白垃圾的兰莫尔(Langmore)家庭的聪明人,她无法决定她是否想与马蒂(Marty)合作或杀死他以抢劫他。然后是她的两个伯爵叔叔,博伊德(克里斯托弗·詹姆斯·贝克)和拉斯(马克·门恰卡)。 (鲁斯陷入了该节目最奇怪,最悲伤的浪漫情节中。)除德尔之外,最糟糕的是当地的海洛因大亨雅各布·斯内尔(Jacob Snell)(苏格兰演员彼得·穆兰(Peter Mullan)辉煌),他的玉米p农民行为伪装成谋杀性的自私。 (他被冷血的妻子和商业伙伴丽莎·埃默里(Lisa Emery)教a。  

大发手游 eighth episode of the first season, “Kaleidoscope,” takes a daringly fragmented (thus the title), nonchronological flashback to the Byrde family in Chicago 10 years before they flee to the Ozarks. 大发手游 structure is challenging, but by now we’re invested in these characters, and it’s useful to learn, belatedly, the cause of Wendy’s long-ago bouts of depression (which may have led to her embarking on an affair) and to see both Marty and Wendy being seduced by Del into the dangerous/sexy world of crime. 

Back in the present story line, Ozark 让贝特曼(Bateman)的马蒂(Marty)旋转许多板块,让自己保持活力,以保持生命。他与琳尼(Linney)完美地合作。由于长期的配偶无法决定他们是否会因为实际生存以外的其他原因而团结在一起,所以他们很棒。两位机灵的喜剧演员都证明了喜剧比戏剧更难的一句古老谚语,带来了几个令人痛苦的残酷谴责场面。 (贝特曼还导演了第一季的两集和新季的三集。) 

Bottom line, if you haven’t tried Ozark yet, give it a shot. Oh, and note to self: Pay attention when friends recommend a Netflix series.

None of my friends, on the other hand, said I ought to watch the new, Newnan-shot comedy Insatiable. If they had, they’d be un-friends by now. 

Insatiable has an interesting premise but is stuck in a stunningly misogynistic universe.

Insatiable reminds me of the last season or so of Glee. If you watched that show, you know that’s not a good thing. One of the many, many creations of Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story, Feud), Glee started off as a charmingly goofball, high school semi-musical. By the end, it was an unwatchable mess, sacrificing character motivation and common sense for a quick laugh or a song cue. Insatiable is worse than the worst of Gleeandmakes something like the overwrought Desperate Housewives look like Chekhov. 

该系列批评“胖脸”,但问题最少。前提:一晚在便利店外面,超重的高中生帕蒂(黛比·瑞恩(Debby Ryan))与一个无家可归的家伙(亚特兰大演员丹尼尔·梅(Daniel May))争夺糖果酒吧。由于受伤,下颌呈线状,导致他们不自愿地进食流食,帕蒂(Patty)三个月后重返学校,淘汰赛被曾经嘲弄过她的同学所无法识别。 

就个人而言,我认为这是一个相当不错的概念。问题在于它被包裹在一个令人厌恶的厌恶女性主义的世界中(奇怪的事实:该节目的创作者劳伦·古西斯(Lauren Gussis)本身就是女人,所以有什么用呢?)。该系列充满了阵营刻板印象和非常疲惫的笑话。如果您还对南方选美大赛不满意,那么此节目适合您。除Patty之外,另一个主要人物是小镇律师Bob Armstrong(达拉斯·罗伯茨),他在比赛中指导选美皇后,如魔术耶稣小姐的名字。他的妻子Coralee(Alyssa Milano)是社交攀岩者,他们嫉妒联系更紧密的Etta Mae Barnard(Carly Hughes)和她的丈夫Bob的竞争对手Bob Barnard(Christopher Gorham,通常光着膀子并张开胸膛)。鲍勃-鲍勃(Bob-Bob)比赛导致该系列晚些时候出现在遥不可及的地方。

Insatiable’s male characters are idiots. 大发手游 women are shrews and venal sexpots, or overfamiliar types. (Patty’s adoring friend Nonnie, played agreeably enough by Kimmy Shields, is a kind of mashup of Stranger Things’s Barb and Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) Rather than coming across as a shy teen slowly discovering her power as a sexpot, Patty behaves like a lifelong sociopath, determined to bed Bob (an unconvincing lust object) and do whatever it takes to get ahead. It doesn’t help that actress Ryan seems less a believable high schooler than a hardened 30-something, who might’ve just clocked off her shift at the Ozark strip club. 

On the plus side, there’s diversity in the casting, with a welcome mix of non-Caucasian actors in sizeable roles. That can’t keep Insatiable from being a stink bomb. I made it through four episodes. More power to you if you can stomach the season’s other eight. 

大发手游 new Queer Eye is emotionally richer than the original.

Also on Netflix—and not exactly new—is a series that, like Ozark, I’m coming to belatedly. Shot in Atlanta and other Georgia areas, the two-season reboot of Queer Eye is so much better than the early-aughts original, it’s almost hard to compare them, even though the format is pretty much the same. A new Fabulous 5 descend on a nominated person (not always just a straight guy, as was the case in the previous version) to give fashion, grooming, cultural, interior design and food and wine tips.  

Maybe it’s because things have changed significantly since the original Queer Eye For 大发手游 Straight Guy’s 2003 debut—in cultural outlook, as well as in the finesse of reality-show editing—but the new version feels much more relaxed, less a novelty, and emotionally richer. 大发手游 Fab 5, based out of an Atlanta loft for the shoot, are enormously compelling and endearing.

Stepping away from Netflix (a hard thing to do), if you’re an HBO or HBO Go subscriber, you may want to check out Sharp Objects, which just concluded its run. I read the novel by Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl), her first, so I was interested in the series—but a little shocked to learn that a plot that seemed to lend itself to maybe a three-hour miniseries was stretched out over a full eight episodes. 

Amy Adams’ performance makes Sharp Objects worth watching.

这部严峻的故事部分在巴恩斯维尔(Barnesville)拍摄,由弗林(Flynn)执行监制和合编,被赋予了淡化,情绪低落的超大尺寸。它坐落在密苏里州的小镇Wind Gap上,鉴于您在书中找不到详细的幽闭恐怖的同盟历史,这是一个名叫卡米尔(Camille)的自私自利的新闻工作者的故事(艾米·亚当斯(Amy Adams),从阳光明媚的地方走了180度她早期职业的角色)。她从圣路易斯回到家乡,写了两名未解决的谋杀案,谋杀案是她十几岁的半姐妹阿玛(Eliza Scanlen)的同班同学。 

For the duration, Camille moves in reluctantly (and is reluctantly welcomed) by her genteel, dragon-lady mother Adora (Patricia Clarkson), who rules Wind Gap from her sprawling Victorian mansion. (She owns the town’s main industry, a slaughterhouse that’s a little too on-the-nose for the mystery’s mix of gentried grace and gory death.)  

大发手游 show is virtually embalmed in its own humid, shadow-drenched art direction. Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée (Big Little Lies),它采用短暂的,印象派的瞬间编辑和倒叙效果拍摄,目的是要比叙事所能证明的更具神秘感和艺术性。我提到了多长时间?奇怪的是,在展开了前七集的中心谜团之后,压轴大而曲折的揭示在最后几秒钟内以恰到好处的速度播放。对于没有读过这本书的人来说,这几乎是一种故意的冒犯—给观众一个很大的F-U。  

另一方面,即使是这种自觉自负的东西,也很难不喜欢亚当斯。根据她在前几部电影中获得的女演员的善意,她很大程度上使我们关心火车残骸卡米尔;正如所写,卡米尔(Camille)只是一片混乱。尽管克拉克森给了我们同样的情感冷淡,但瓷器的制作却次数太多了(参见新电影) 大发手游 Bookshop), she’s fun to watch as a monstrous modern variant of Blanche DuBois—if Blanche hadn’t lost her mind but instead was intent on making everyone around her lose theirs. She’s an arsenic-glazed magnolia.

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